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This award is unique because it is from a Pennsylvania nurse in gratitude for the transformative impact a person has made on their life and career in nursing. Starting in 2024, the Nightingale Awards of Pennsylvania (NAP) has added another distinguished award to their mission to celebrate nurses and nursing, The Jayne Felgen Legacy Award.

The intention of this award is to generate reflection by nurses and for them to lift up and recognize that one special person who touched them in a deep and meaningful way. Without that person’s insight and belief in them, making opportunities available, providing support, inspiration and guidance, this PA nurse might never have accomplished what they have. 

The following verse by Jason Versey from “A Walk with Prudence” immediately compels you to think and thank the person who made such a difference in the trajectory of your personal and professional journey.

      “When you believe in someone you profoundly increase their ability to

      have faith in themselves.

      When you love someone you imprint on their heart something so powerful 

      that it changes the trajectory of their life.

      When you do both you set in motion a gift to the world…because

      those who are believed in and loved, understand the beauty of a legacy

     and the absolute duty of paying it forward.”

This verse and its inherent values hold a deep-seated place in the heart of our founder, Jayne Felgen. It speaks to the power of reflection and gratitude. It illuminates those angels in our lives we might have overlooked, but without whom we might not be where we are today. It makes clear to us those who loved and cared for us in exceptional ways that were above and beyond the expected, the norm. And, when they both believed and loved you, it brought forth this gift to the world that is you! Now you are so deeply grateful for the impact on your life that you are committed to “paying it forward.” This person has modeled the way and has played a huge role in the nurse that is you who are making a difference every day. This special person IS the gift that keeps giving!

With our founder, Jayne Felgen, in mind, we have created the Jayne Felgen Legacy Award. We hope you are as excited as we are to present this inaugural annual award at the 2024 Nightingale Awards Gala to that special person who deserves to be acknowledged for helping you become the nurse that you are today! This Legacy Award is a profound grace note of thanks from you to the one most deserving!

We are asking nurses (RN/LPN) who live in Pennsylvania to nominate a person who has been influential in their career trajectory (anyone, anywhere, currently employed in PA or elsewhere, retired, or deceased) who has positively impacted their life, extolling the same ideals that inspired Jayne and others to found the Nightingale Awards of PA.

Although there may be several influential people in our lives that deserve this honor and recognition, only one can be nominated in each application. You may submit more than one application per year. Only one Legacy Award will be selected each year. What an amazing way to demonstrate the power of your introspection, gratitude, personal leadership, and commitment supporting others to be the best they can be.

If your nominee is selected to receive the Legacy Award, you (the nominator) and the person of influence in your life or their family or designate (the recipient) receiving the award will be invited to attend the annual Nightingale Awards Gala in Harrisburg. 

You and your nominee will receive a heartfelt acknowledgment, one that will never be forgotten, including an artistic memento to celebrate the occasion. This award will join the other prestigious nursing awards that have become the highlight of our gala! 

The award is open to Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses to nominate a person of their choice who has impacted your life and career in an extraordinarily positive way.

Application Process 

  • Provide the nominee's name and contact information (their own or their family's, if deceased).
  • Provide your contact information.
  • Confirm agreement from the nominee to be nominated.
  • PLEASE NOTE that within this nomination category, you may only nominate ONE INDIVIDUAL within each submission. You may nominate more than one person, but each nomination must be in its own form.
  • This nomination is to be made BY A NURSE, but the nominee can be ANYONE who has impacted the trajectory of the nurse's career. Think family member, teacher, mentor, pastor, other nurse, etc.
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.