Ends on May 31, 2018

This category is for non-acute care nurses, i.e. Hospice/Home Care, Parish Nurse, School Nurse. Nurses nominated for this award are recognized for providing outstanding quality of patient care, superior nursing clinical skills, and extraordinary compassion. Exceptional communication skills enhance their contribution to the health needs of the community while advancing the profession.

Application Process: Please Read Carefully

  • Submit contact information for the nominee, nominator and CNO.
  • Provide information about the nominee's education, certifications, community involvement, honors/awards, professional memberships, etc.
  • Answer the required questions about the nominee's excellence in nursing.
  • Obtain signatures from the following people: nominator (yourself); the nominee/candidate; and the CNO, Director or CEO. Click here to download the signature form. You will then upload the completed signature form, where indicated, toward the bottom of this submission form. 
The application, including all required materials, must be complete at the time of submission to be considered. 

Selection Criteria
  • Enhances Quality Patient Care
  • Exhibits Excellence in the Nursing Process
  • Utilizes Exemplary Interpersonal and Leadership Skills
  • Participates in Community Affairs
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